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The Mainmenu allows you access to the three main functions of the Application.

By clicking on the info-button in the top right corner of each screen you can access information that will guide you through the functions of the current screen.


An overview of all shooters in the database.

Clicking one of them reveals details of the selected shooter.

The menu allows you to create a new shooter.

Create Shooter

The Button "Add discipline" allows you to add new disciplines. For each of them you can enter the name of the weapon of your choice.

The paper basket allows you to delete a discipline.

The inputfields which can be revealed by clicking on the "more"-button and the weapon names are optional.

View Shooter

The menu allows you to edit, delete or set the current shooter to be your favorite.

Which means that this shooter will be preselected in all result and statistics views.

Additionally you can create a new shooter.


An overview of the results of the currently selected shooter. A click on one of them will show details.

The menu allows you to filter the results and export them.

Furthermore you can create a new result or change the currently selected shooter.

Create Result

The button "Add Series" allows you to add up to 12 series to your result. The paper basket deletes a series.

A click on the target image will open the selection for the tendency of the series.

The button "more" reveals an input field for a comment and a selector for the duration of the current session.


Choose one of the predefined tendencies. The white dots indicate the overall divergency of the shots for this series.

Or you can use the menu to access a more detailed input method. "Tendency Detail" allows you to position each shot on the target. "Tendency Score" will additionally calculate the ring value and sum up the series result.

Tendency Details

Hit the target to create a new shot a little bit above your finger. Push and hold your finger on the screen to get a crosshair which will allow you to position the shot more precisely before you lift your finger.

The current shot can then be positioned more accurately by using the controls in the bottom left corner.

After placing all ten shots, you can select each shot by holding your finger on the screen until the crosshairs are above the shot and then lift your finger. Afterwards you can move them with the controls in the bottom left corner.


Detailoverview of the selected result. The menu allows you to edit or delete the result.

If you created the tendency with "Tendency Score" the ring values of each shot will be displayed below each series.

A click on any series will open a detailed view of the series.

Details of the Series

Check the Tendency of each series at any time after creating the result to improve your technique.


Here you get detailled statistics for each discipline of the selected shooter. Your favorite shooter will be preselected when you enter this screen. You can change the selected shooter by opening the menu, or by clicking on the name of the current shooter.

A click on any discipline will reveal the statistics which can be filtered to reveal more accurate values. The selected number in the filter indicates how many series will be used to create the statistics.